Historical landmarks at your fingertips

Unitas Hotel is centrally located in the heart of the Old Town, just a few steps from renowned landmarks. The National Theatre, Old Town Square, and Charles Bridge are all conveniently within walking distance. A brief tram ride on tram number 22 will transport you to Malá Strana and up to Prague Castle

Discover the Hidden Gems Nearby

Church of St. Bartholomew

At initial glance, the Baroque church adjacent to Unitas Hotel may not pique much interest. However, upon approaching from Konviktska Street, you're met with a stunning façade adorned with statues of the twelve apostles, Christ, and the Virgin Mary, crafted by sculptors Braun, Brokoff, and Jäckle. Throughout the communist era, it functioned as a storage facility for weapons by the State Secret Police.

Rotunda of the Finding of the Holy Cross

Dating back to 1125, the oldest Romanesque rotunda in Prague stands nestled on the corner of Konviktska and Karoliny Svetle streets. Recognized as cultural heritage, it is currently under the ownership of the Old Catholic Church. Regular Sunday services are open to attendees.

The Bethlehem Chapel

This replicated 14th-century chapel replicates the original site where Jan Hus preached his revolutionary ideas, leading to his later execution by burning at the stake in the German town of Konstanz. His martyrdom ignited the Hussite revolution, spanning from 1419 to 1434, profoundly altering the trajectory of the Czech monarchy's history. The renovated chapel now stands as a tribute to the Hussite movement and doubles as a ceremonial venue for various Prague Universities.

Velvet Revolution Monument

Initially unassuming, the Kanka Palace passage houses a memorial commemorating the forceful suppression of student protests on November 17th, 1989. This event marked a pivotal moment that catalyzed the end of the communist regime, igniting the Velvet Revolution.